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NJ Reinstates Medical Aid in Dying Law

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What you need to know

On August 27, a New Jersey appeals court overturned a temporary restraining order that suspended the state’s new Aid in Dying law.

This reinstated law allows adult New Jersey residents, who have decision-making capacity and a life expectancy of six months or less, to obtain a prescription for medication (aid-in-dying medication) which they may self-administer to end their life.

Hackensack Meridian Health’s Policy

Hackensack Meridian Health respects our patients’ right to autonomy in their care decisions, however we also must balance this with the need to respect the rights of our team members and medical staff and their decisions regarding participation. Because of these sensitivities, we have chosen not to permit the self-administration of medication prescribed under the Aid in Dying law at our acute care facilities. They will be permitted at our long-term care/assisted living sites. These sites are truly the primary place of residence for patients who may be suffering from terminal illnesses.


If patients have questions about the law or wish to learn more, please direct them to send questions to or direct them to the New Jersey Department of Health website.

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