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HMH Enrolling Individuals in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trial

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What you need to know

HMH is now enrolling individuals in a COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial. The national COVE Trial aims to study the mRNA-1273 vaccine, co-developed by Moderna and the NIH, in 30,000 individuals. HMH is expected to enroll 300 individuals.

The vaccines being tested are made from the genetic code of the virus copied from SARS-CoV-2, not the whole virus. Therefore, the vaccines cannot cause infection or cause COVID-19 illness.

This is a phase III study to test the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.

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You can also take HMH’s COVID-19 Vaccine Trial prescreening survey by clicking here.

Additional information

HMH investigators expect to enroll 300 individuals. These individuals are:

Members of diverse communities are especially sought, to ensure the enrollment group is representative of a wide variety of people – in order to understand how it works in different groups, especially those at highest risk for COVID-19.