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Leadership Announcements

Hackensack Meridian Health Researchers Publish Important COVID-19 Findings Throughout Pandemic

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What You Need to Know

Hackensack Meridian Health researchers have published more than 261 publications on COVID-19. 

The HMH findings appeared in prestigious journals including: The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, BMJ, Lancet Microbe, The American Journal of Surgery, Pediatrics, Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Journal of Oncology, American Journal of Cardiology, Academic Medicine, and many others. 

The publications span the gamut of the COVID-19 experience, including: clinical research on the acute and post-acute treatment of the SARS-CoV-2 virus; clinical trials and novel interventions; infection control; investigating the ins and outs of the new virus; the long-term effects of infection; and the best practices in continuing other care in a changed health landscape.

COVID-19 Research Highlights