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Southern Region Epic Highlights: October 22

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Today’s Go Live Reminders

Performing Medication Reconciliation in the Cath Lab

Obtaining the list of home medications for patients can be completed more expeditiously by pulling medications through SureScripts or Care Everywhere.

The “Go Reconcile” function is covered in these Knowledge Builders:

Scheduling Endo for Observation Patients

Patients with an admission status of “OBSERVATION” are sometimes scheduled for a procedure in the endoscopy unit.

Review the OpTime: Scheduling Endo for Observation Patients Knowledge Builder for specific instructions.

EKG Orders

EKG Orders must to be placed in Epic by the provider. Without an order in Epic, users may experience a delay in seeing the result post to Epic.

Printing AVS for IR Procedures Without Medication Reconciliation (SOMC Hybrid Lab Only)

As of Saturday, October 19, for Interventional Radiology (IR) procedures performed in the Hybrid Labs, nurses may print the After Visit Summary (AVS) on patients without a full medication reconciliation completed by the radiologist.

Any recorded home medications on the patient will print on the AVS under the Medication List and will advise the patient to ask his/her doctor about those medications.

Cardiac Cath cases performed in these locations are not affected by this change and the full medication reconciliation will be required.

Case Request Orders

The case request orders workflow will allow a provider to request an add-on or off hours case. Examples of this include ECT or patient admissions with a GI add on, such as colonoscopy and EGD.

Review the OpTime: Add-On Case Request Order for ECT and Endo Procedures Knowledge Builder for specific instructions.

R2/R3 Discharge Process Workflow

Residents that are R2 and above have the ability to discharge patients as well as e-prescribe medications. If they choose to e-prescribe a medication, the system will require them to change the authorizing provider and include the authorizing provider as the second signer. The order will route to the second signer’s InBasket where he/she will review the order and sign off. Upon signing, the order will be transmitted  through SureScripts to the pharmacy of record.

Review the R2/R3 Discharge Process Workflow Knowledge Builder for specific instructions.

Provider Billing

When HMH billing providers are seeing patients in an Inpatient setting, they now have to select a level of service (LOS) after signing notes. This workflow also applies to assistant surgeons, co-surgeons and consults in the emergency department. This workflow EXCLUDES outpatient procedures in CAS/OR and Emergency Providers.

Review the Application: Provider Note Level of Service for specific instructions.

Managing Your InBasket

In order to provide the best patient care and provider efficiency, you will need to check your InBasket at least once a day. The InBasket is the center for all your working and worked items as well as communications from colleagues, lab, and clerical staff. Everything comes through your InBasket including dictation for review, radiology results, lab results, prescription requests from clinical staff, CDI queries from HIM, and encounters for you to review and approve.

If you would like additional providers in your group to review results of if you are going to be out of office, you can assign delegates through InBasket to allow more Providers to see your communications.

Review the Top Efficiency Tips Quick Start Guide for detailed instruction and more information.

Top Open Issues

JSUMC/OMC/SOMC: General slowness in Image Retrieval

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