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H1N1 Flu Activity is High: Administer Antiviral Treatment

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What You Need to Know

Flu activity is high in New Jersey and the predominant strain is H1N1, for which the flu vaccine tends to be more effective than other strains. It’s not too late to vaccinate your patients.

What You Can Do: Administer Antiviral Treatment as Early as Possible

Administer antiviral treatment to any patient with confirmed or suspected influenza who:

Antiviral treatment also can be considered on the basis of clinical judgment for any previously healthy, symptomatic outpatient who is not at high risk for influenza complications and who is diagnosed with confirmed or suspected influenza. Treatment should be initiated within 48 hours of illness onset.

*Oral oseltamivir is the recommended antiviral for patients with severe, complicated, or progressive illness who are not hospitalized, and for hospitalized influenza patients.